Hello Friends,

Just a quick note:  Wishing you a Beautiful 2020 filled
with peace, joy, grace, love and lots of

You can still download our CD: "Cindy Devereaux and
Friends." It's available on:


By the way, if you go to amazon.com, you will notice that
I've written my first book.

The title is:  "Rusty - A Dog  and His Angels."

I'm very excited about this! If you love both dogs and  angels
-- you will love this true story about a beautiful, funny and
loving pet.

Once again, thank you for supporting  our music. And as
always, we pray for peace.

Wishing You Showers of Blessings,

P.S.: Please note: If you look me up on YouTube, you will find my music as well as
some 45
rpm records recorded by another singer named CINDY DEVEREAUX.
Her style was completely different from mine
(Sometimes her recordings are listed with
mine -- as if they were done by me.).
Her daughter graciously reached out to me and sent
me ae a lovely photo of her mom. This lady still has fans and a couple of them have written
to me thinking that I was her. One day we'll have YouTube straighten this all out.